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When kitchen automation was our biggest deal, we have spent years on research to deliver innovation. Giving life to Doughbot, world's most advanced flat bread making machine. It can be used to produce both dough balls and flat breads. With a capacity to make Roti/Puri discs at the rate of 150 per hour. It's the best fit to make dough balls. The dough bot has been tested to run under extreme conditions and can run non-stop for 14 hours making over 1200 dough balls for you!

DoughBot is a fully automatic machine which has an ability to deliver round dough balls as well as semi cooked flat dough discs. The flat dough discs can be roti, puri, paratha, phulka, chole bature etc according to our requirement. This machine can be used to knead all kinds of flour like Wheat, Maida, Corn flour, etc.

It is easy fit for your food outlet or a commercial establishment with a size of 2ft*2ft. It weighs only 50 kg, which can be carried or travelled to different places. Doughbot comes with three interesting features like the Disc mode, Dough mode and Dough ball mode.
Different types of flour can be used
Fully Automatic
High Speed
Different Size and Thickness
Best for Commercial Establishments
Use it for making
    1. Chappathi
    2. Paratha
    3. Puri
  1. 1 year free warranty
  2. Free Instalation
  3. Low Investment

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Roti is the most ordered food in India. It belongs to the family of flatbread. Most food outlet owners make 50% revenue in their business by having roti in their menu. So, to serve the rotis hot and fresh, it consumes a lot of time. There is no automatic machine to make roti discs and dough balls faster. Whatever is available in the market right now, takes a large area, and is not quite economic. We resolved all the issues with Doughbot – at the touch of a button. We at Mukunda Foods wish to resolve all the kitchen problems.

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