2 March 2018

Is investment in Automation worth the Risk for Restaurant Owners?

As debate over artificial intelligence (AI) gets really intense, hospitality & restaurant industry have been confronted with a very teasing question: should they be really adopting automation or give it a miss? While there certainly seems to exist large number of restaurants that are seriously willing to look into the benefits of automation but...

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23 Jan 2018

Handmade Rotis Vs Doughbot Rotis

What if we were to make a grand comparison between handmade rotis and rotis made by our own Doughbot machine? Which one will fare better in terms of quantity and quality? Of course, you can easily accuse us of being trying to be more bias towards Doughbot machine, in case if such a comparison were to be actually made. But if truth were to prevail, it will be very easily proven that Doughbot is indeed a revolutionary...

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18 Jan 2018

Kitchen Robotic Companies: A Revolution that will change our Lives forever

It is least surprising to witness how technology over the last few decades has greatly simplified our life inside the Kitchen. With the turn of the 21st century, technology has offered us various appliances and machines that have added unprecedented efficiency in our kitchen work. Advanced refrigerators & deep freezers...

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12 Dec 2017

Chapati: The unsung hero in the cuisine world

There won’t be even a slightest of argument that chapati, also known as roti, is an integral part of our daily staple. It is almost impossible to enjoy a hearty meal or any main course dish unless few chapatis are served alongside. Not to mention that badly cooked chapatis can prove to be a big spoiler...

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7 Dec 2017

Why DoughBot is the best roti making machine?

It simply won’t be an exaggeration to call DoughBot the best roti making machine in the market today. At least, not when judging DoughBot on the critical factors of ‘convenience’ and ‘ease-of-use.’ On these fronts, our advanced flat bread making machine will beat any roti maker absolutely hands down.

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4 Dec 2017

Why restaurants Need to buy a Highly Efficient Roti Making Machine?

There hardly can be any counter- argument over the fact that roti is unarguably the most popular food item in any restaurant. This is to say that no other food item is ordered as much as roti is. undeniable fact puts most restaurants under stressful situation of meeting overwhelming demand for rotis every hour.

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29 Nov 2017

Quick Tips for Buying an Efficient Roti Making Machine

If your restaurant is really facing hard times in meeting & fulfilling customer orders, then it is probably time to buy a highly efficient roti making machine. After all, roti is the most ordered food item in any restaurant and hence having a good roti maker can go a long way in making your customers happy.

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02 Nov 2017

Why we made DoughBot?

There was a time when we would remember the house had a landline phone with a sparkling dial, a kodak film camera for taking pics, a tape recorder to play the latest hits & a wardrobe full of books ranging from cooking recipes to magazines. Any technological product is essentially a time machine as it unravels generational leap of a technology and underlines its contribution to respective generation.

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05 Oct 2017

Doughbot Machine: Revolutionary Roti Making Machine from Mukunda Foods

After Dosamatic machine that offered some lip smacking dosas, Mukunda Foods is now rearing to bring another revolutionary food machine in the market. Say a big hello to Doughbot, a machine that will help you in serving some lip smacking bakery foods & get those perfect rotis &chapatis done in matter of few minutes.

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