05 Oct 2017

Doughbot Machine: Revolutionary Roti Making Machine from Mukunda Foods

After Dosamatic machine that offered some lip smacking dosas, Mukunda Foods is now rearing to bring another revolutionary food machine in the market. Say a big hello to Doughbot, a machine that will help you in serving some lip smacking bakery foods & get those perfect rotis &chapatis done in matter of few minutes. This machine has been painstakingly designed by Mukunda Foods to cater to the needs of wide range of consumers, from individual homemakers to hotel & fast food chains.

But hotel owners certainly stand to benefit more, since Doughbot’s numerous advantages can potentially turn this machine into a big boon for their business. To begin with, Doughbot is easy to use and needs merely only few presses of buttons to get things done. And these few press will get you 120 Rotis and 150 dough balls in an hour, figures that are good enough to impress any hotel owners out there. It is equally important to note here is that Doughbot has been designed to ensure highest standard of quality. In fact, unparalleled consistency in quality is today being widely accepted as the hall mark of Mukunda Foods. This is mostlythanks to the growing reputation due to the immensely successful Dosamatic machine.

But how does Doughbot standup against other roti makers & other similar machines. Are all its features good enough to give other competitors a real run for its money? Well, Doughbot can certainly beat all the competitors hands down on quality front, but equally boosts other features that can make any competitor envious. Here is a look down at some of these envious features.

To start with, Doughbot has been designed by highly successful professional engineers, which gives this machine an important edge on the quality front. This quality oriented machine is also immensely portable, with machine weighting around 80 Kg and consumes equally less space with merely 5 sqft. These stats are serious impressive when compare it with other competitor’s roti makers, which weight nearly 300 to 400 kg. Besides, Doughbot can also smoothly function on invertor, while many roti makers don’t.

Lastly, ordering Doughbot machine will spare you from all the hassles that are mostly not properly taken care by local & unbranded companies. Be it quick installation, quick product delivery, prompt after sales service and genuine pricing. Last but not least, Doughbot comes with full one year warranty. Simply it, Mukunda Foods immensely values its customers and those who buy Doughbot machine will luckily get to experience this.

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