02 March 2018

Is investment in Automation worth the Risk for Restaurant Owners?

As debate over artificial intelligence (AI) gets really intense, hospitality & restaurant industry have been confronted with a very teasing question: should they be really adopting automation or give it a miss? While there certainly seems to exist large number of restaurants that are seriously willing to look into the benefits of automation but their enthusiasm is also accompanied by several nagging doubts.

Whether investment in automation worth it, is the investment really affordable or capital intensive, what if the restaurant industry suddenly nosedives into recession to make investment in automation into a really bad debt so and so forth.

Almost all of these doubts appear to be justified, since they very clearly bring forth the risk that is associated with investment in automation. However, industry experts and veterans demand that these doubts need to be addressed through the prism of logic than irrational fear. Experts claim that this may make restaurant owners realize that investment in automation will certainly result in lot of long term benefits for their business. Benefits that evenly help small or medium restaurant owners to grow into a large restaurant owner.

Let us look closely into some of the benefits that restaurants can derive from automation: 1) can cook food super-quickly and in the most hygienic way 2) cut down on labor cost 3) consistency in quality 4) increases customer retention significantly.

Logically, all these massive benefits completely outweigh the financial risk associated with investment in automation. Most Experts also can’t help but overstate the fact that in future competition in the restaurant business will not only get intense but customers too will also become more demanding. In such an unforgiving scenario restaurants with automated kitchens will be in much better condition to exploit the market conditions.

Therefore the need of the hour for restaurant owners is to look at investment in automation with more positive perspective. As such, moving along with time always makes for good business decision and even critics would find it very hard to deny that automation is one thing that can’t be ignored. At least, those restaurants that are serious about earning profitability can’t certainly afford to overlook automation.

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