29 Nov 2017

Quick Tips for Buying an Efficient Roti Making Machine

If your restaurant is really facing hard times in meeting & fulfilling customer orders, then it is probably time to buy a highly efficient roti making machine. After all, roti is the most ordered food item in any restaurant and hence having a good roti maker can go a long way in making your customers happy. But what are the things that you as a restaurant owner should bear in mind while buying a roti making machine. Well, the only the thing that you or any other restaurant owner must lookout for is how simple or easy to use the roti making machine is. If it gives delicious and puffy rotis without making you go through much stress, then it is a perfect choice.

Unfortunately, mosttraditional or existing roti making machines are anything but simple. While they are highly bulky & non-portable, they are also overwhelmingly dependent on other machines for making rotis. Needless to say, the dependence on other machines makes the roti making process only highly complicated. These other machines include kneader, ball maker, compressor, LPG gas, sheeter and rotor. It is not very hard to imagine that setting up all these machines require lot of patience and time. This in-turn has a very negative impact on catering staff’s on overall productivity.

Mukunda Foods was determined to do away with all these limitations while setting out to create a truly world class roti maker. Our ambitious pursuit led to an intense R&D exercise conducted by our highly talented and hardworking engineering team. All the great challenges brought forth by this epic exercise was duly overcame by our passionate engineering team, with Mukunda Foods finally succeeding in making a roti making machine of truly international standards.

We named this revolutionary machine as Doughbot, which has been designed to make delicious semi-cooked rotis in the most hassle-free way. When we say ‘hassle-free’ we literally mean it. After all, Doughbot is the only commercial roti making machine in the entire market that is a standalone machine. This is to say that it does not need any help of external machines like kneader, ball maker, compressoretc to make rotis. All these machines have been perfectly fit inside the highly-portable & lightweight Doughbot machine, thereby setting you free from the pain of installation and maintenance.

But Doughbot’s real convenience comes forth when you actually start making the roti. All you’ve to do is pour the bulk quantity of flour, oil and water in the concerned tanks or cabins and simply press the button. Our machine has been pre-defined to correctly judge how much water, oil and flour it needs to make a single semi cooked roti. A basic Doughbot machine can make 120 rotis per hour, while Doughbot Rapid and Doughbot Rapid + make 400 and 600 semi-cooked rotis respectively.

Doughbot can also make nice dough balls. For this, you’ll have to simply set the machine in dough mode and the rest is done by this machine. These dough balls can be used for making parathas, pooris and also several bakery items.

Our highly efficient Doughbot machine is perfect for big as well as small restaurants. It will effortlessly help them to meet the demand of making hundreds of delicious rotis every hour. This will not only result in happy customers, but also highly productive catering staff. Simply put, Doughbot is capable of putting any restaurant business to another level.

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